Haiti, Prayer, Hope

January 24, 2010

As the whole world is turned to the tragedy of Haiti, and the poor becoming poorer, wounded or dead – we seek for meaning.

A prayer –

May this people and country be helped to finally live and control their own future.

May help from the outside honor their independence, allow them to raise their own food, mill their own flour, make their own cement, control their own telephone system.

May they have help from true friends and no longer be controled  from those seeking their wealth without respect.

May this tragedy and the outpouring of aid be a hopeful new beginning, making amends for the repression that has been its history.

May God comfort all the wounded and suffering and receive with Compassion those who perished.  Amen


Wow! A blog! Active website! A Hope team!

November 20, 2009

This has been a very active week for me.  Everything regarding Hope For the Flowers seems to be heating up.  It is a rather breathtaking experience.

I hope I can keep up, and what a difference it is to have help like I now have!

What is most special is the sense that I have some actual support in more than visioning. It is getting practical, facing some of the rooms in my house long since abandoned to chaos, putting up new things on Hope’s website so long dormant.  I look and am surprised at what I find.  I can even see some countertops in the kitchen and this afternoon I discover I have a blog! I need to learn to use it.  This is my first try.  And tonight, my goodness, I discover the interview I did at Bioneers By the Bay up there for the world to see.

Thank you Hope team, especially Leigh and Una.  It seems that everyone on the Hope Team believes the time is ripe to assist those unusually long lived caterpillars and get their message to stop crawling over others further out to the world.

So thank you Hope Team for this fresh beginning.

Hello world!

November 19, 2009

I discovered that the title on this page — Hello World! — appears on every new WordPress blog. It is generic, but it sure surprised me since it looked like it was just meant for me.  It is what Stripe, one of the main characters in Hope for the Flowers, says when he is born, so I figured someone had really written special.

“Once upon a time a tiny striped caterpillar burst from the egg which had been home for  so long, “Hello World!” he said.  It sure is bright out here in the sun.” … and straightway began to eat the leaf he was born on.”

I join Stripe in saying, “Hello World!

May this strange wonderful new possibility be a vehicle for good in the world!