Mary Magdalene – Apostle to the Apostles

I love this woman, beloved disciple – not wife, but dear friend from all evidence, who stood by the cross and important leader in the early church.  She was sent to tell the astounding news of Christ’s rising from death as first born of us all.Image


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One Response to “Mary Magdalene – Apostle to the Apostles”

  1. Angela Says:

    To the author of Hope for the Flowers-Ms. Trina Paulus

    Hello ♥, I know my reply is completely unrelated to this post, but I don’t know how else to reach you. I just wanted to say thank you for your book “Hope for the Flowers”-and I’m sure it’s not just me but a whole lot of people of feel lost as well. I’m a young adult-I had just graduated from college and I have been depressed for years now. I am frankly losing much of my hope in life, and many times I just wanted to disappear. I feel left behind by my peers, because they seem to have lead meaningful and busy lives and had started building their careers, while I am stuck at home with absolutely no career and no social life, I have no idea what to do or what I want to do. My peers have started to get jobs and do something with their lives, but while I do want to earn some money, I don’t know if it’s what I wish to be doing right now, I feel like I’d be doing it because it’s the normal thing to do . I do not even feel like living, it’s like I just exist, and my life is just passing me by. I have some dreams, but it seems impossible and stupid, given I have no money and very few opportunities are available where I live.

    Actually what I wished to do with my life isn’t really something most people would find normal, but I’d always dreamed about it. What I wish to do ever since I was a young kid is really to learn this particular new language, live in this certain country abroad, even just for awhile, and just meet new people, to me it seems magical to go on some kind of adventure where you never know who you’re gonna meet or what your going to see, I find it exciting, but it just seems pretty stupid if I go and asked anyone, most people told me I should go get serious and find a paying job and start building a career. But all I really want to do is to go to some adventure. Unfortunately, as I said, I neither have the money,nor the guts to actually do it. Also I’m worried what other people might think about such a thing-I already seem weird enough as it is…

    and because of my quirks and weird personality which nobody but me understands I guess,I feel like I’m not really a person worthy of any kind of happiness or love for that matter, I felt I’m not good enough and that I don’t deserve any love I’d be getting now or in the future. I just feel like I had made so many big mistakes, that I feel like I would be dragging down the person I’d be together with, because I had basically ruined my chances for the future acting the way I did the past twenty-something years. I just cannot let go of the past, I always start thinking “if only I get to redo my whole life”- I admit that I regret the way I lived my life the past twenty years- it was like my whole life had been a joke and I was living it the wrong way-and I only realized it now but it’s too late to fix it. I keep thinking-if only I made such better decisions, or if only I didn’t act that way, and if only my personality was better.

    When I think of it now, my life would’ve been so much easier if I wasn’t being the way I was, my current life is such a mess that I’d rather just die than be me- my past was just this horrible thing that keeps coming back to haunt me-I am ashamed of my whole life and it seems impossible to let it go. But this morning, I came across “hope for the flowers”, while pointlessly browsing through my older sister’s books. I was reading it and it gave be some kind of encouragement-I started thinking maybe it wasn’t too late to actually start living my life-It really inspired me,because the way I interpreted it was like-it was saying I should let the past go. I started having some hope that it’s not too late to start over and be a completely different person- a better one. I tend to be really negative at times and I’m totally not good at expressing myself and relating to new people, and I don’t know if this book will help me long term- but for this morning-when I felt like dying- this book was the thing that changed my mind-even for just awhile-and for that I felt like I just needed to thank you ♥

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