Wow! A blog! Active website! A Hope team!

This has been a very active week for me.  Everything regarding Hope For the Flowers seems to be heating up.  It is a rather breathtaking experience.

I hope I can keep up, and what a difference it is to have help like I now have!

What is most special is the sense that I have some actual support in more than visioning. It is getting practical, facing some of the rooms in my house long since abandoned to chaos, putting up new things on Hope’s website so long dormant.  I look and am surprised at what I find.  I can even see some countertops in the kitchen and this afternoon I discover I have a blog! I need to learn to use it.  This is my first try.  And tonight, my goodness, I discover the interview I did at Bioneers By the Bay up there for the world to see.

Thank you Hope team, especially Leigh and Una.  It seems that everyone on the Hope Team believes the time is ripe to assist those unusually long lived caterpillars and get their message to stop crawling over others further out to the world.

So thank you Hope Team for this fresh beginning.


7 Responses to “Wow! A blog! Active website! A Hope team!”

  1. Prairie Says:

    It’s awesome to be working with you, Trina!!!

    Happy rebirth day to Stripe and Yellow!

  2. Lucinda Says:

    Hi Trina,

    Wow back! I looked up from my computer ( where I should be doing homework) and as I daydreamed about excuses to not complete my task, I once again layed eyes on the bright yellow spine of “Hope for the flowers”, nestled among my stacks of books. So I did an internet search on your name. To my very pleasant surprise there was loads of stuff and I found this site. I picked up the book about 10 years ago at a yard sale. WOW. I wanted to ask about how you fought against the incinerator. I live in Northern Nevada, very agricultural, we are the Oasis of Nevada. We have an irrigation system that began by being dug by mules over 100 years ago. Now some oil company has put in a refinery within 5 miles of my home. we have fought from the beginning and now they have applied for a permit to increase output and to release the “guck” left over out into the desert. We all have wells here.

  3. trinapaulus Says:

    Hey thanks Lucinda!
    You are my very first comment to my very first blog post. Just learning all this, Facebook and all. I think Hope has waited for this time to get its message out and I want to help it happen.

    Oh my dear, you ask about stopping an incinerator. Unhappily we did not. The plan was for 21 in NJ, one for each county. We managed to get it down to 3, but the one my town uses is in the heart of Newark and up for renewed approval without sufficient scrubbers and many other problems. It is such disrespect for our resources, and the people of the Ironbound part of Newark. 100% of the children there have asthma I hear.

    After many environmental struggles I was gratified to find 2 things that encouraged my heart for the future. One was the discovery of Permaculture, a whole way of designing taking natural resources, habitat and human space into the planning. I was so glad to work positively to build things, systems I could believe in. The other was POCLAD, Program On Corporations, Law And Democracy. in. And the POCLAD inspiration put their finger on why our individual struggle, for example ours against the Newark Incinerator were so hard. The rules are stacked in favor of corporations which have more rights and longer lives than I do. Both POCLAD and The Center for Health, Environment & Justice,, may be able to give you some good advice about your potential or present contamination of your precious water and how to struggle. You might also make a good google search with your subject. And lets see what might come from this thread in my new blog. Wow again!

  4. Lucinda Says:

    Thanks Trina for your comments.
    I wanted to add…without sounding like a nut…that I was also inspired by your comment on Ana’s video about being brought up Catholic. I have been experiencing a long and strange journey to the Catholic Church. I say long and strange because I have fought against even at times but in recent years I have realized a culmination of things in my life that I have experienced leading me there but I couldn’t see until now. None imagined, let me add, all tangible and real things, like a collection of Saints medals found in parking lots or even one in the middle of the desert hunting for rocks. So I was really blown away when I found your knew blog and the way the whole thing came down. Like I said I don’t want to sound crazy, but it was something greater than me that said, “search the author of that book”. I didn’t really hear a voice of course, i was just compelled.

  5. Prairie Says:
    Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

  6. María Jesús Says:

    Hi Trina!
    Thank you very much!
    Congratulations by your wonderful book, are special. You do not imagine whatever I arrive in my heart.
    From Madrid, Spain, a strong hug!
    Sorry for my english.
    This is my blog,

  7. Lucinda Says:

    Thanks Prairie,

    We have just had a county mtg. on the 2nd of Dec. and NDEP (Nevada dept of environmental protection) made a mockery of the citizens. The permit was originally for 1,000 gallons per day of efluent water, but we found out at the mtg. Bango oil has requested the amount be raised to 14,000 gallons per day. The plant puts out 2,000 a day and they have been having to truck it out of here to a place by Vegas 900 miles away. I guess now they want to truck in an additional 12,000.

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