Hello world!

I discovered that the title on this page — Hello World! — appears on every new WordPress blog. It is generic, but it sure surprised me since it looked like it was just meant for me.  It is what Stripe, one of the main characters in Hope for the Flowers, says when he is born, so I figured someone had really written special.

“Once upon a time a tiny striped caterpillar burst from the egg which had been home for  so long, “Hello World!” he said.  It sure is bright out here in the sun.” … and straightway began to eat the leaf he was born on.”

I join Stripe in saying, “Hello World!

May this strange wonderful new possibility be a vehicle for good in the world!


16 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Evelyn Katerba Says:

    I have just signed up and I look forward to keeping in touch. Hope for the Flowers, and for LIFE. The book has given me hope and strength to keep on keeping on, like Stripe I will keep on . . . to the best in life.

    Evelyn Katerba
    151 Union Valley Rd.
    Monroe Township, NJ

    • trinapaulus Says:

      Now what is your name? I just was on your blog, but it is Russia and it looks like your name is Anvarovna. Sounds so lovely and Russian.

      Your blog is impressive.

      Forward in Hope always!


    • trinapaulus Says:

      Dear Evelyn,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! And you are also in New Jersey. I have no idea where Monroe Township is. I am in Essex County.

      I will try to remove the above comment, which was meant for Madina or Anvarovna and somehow got with yours. I am so new.

      Peace to you and thanks again.

  2. Madina Says:

    Hello, Trina.
    Your book is my favorite…I’ve read it in Russian…
    I saw an advertisement of the book in the Moscow subway, and was imprest by the conversation of two little creatures. I was trying to find it in all bookstors for year and a half, but I couldn’t, I did’n even see this advertisement anymore… And then once I went to the little store near my academy, and there was the same advertisement – it was a signal…Assistants were trying to find it for me for 2 hours…Unpredictble, It was in the fairy tails section withthe sign on it “Fairy Tail ???”…
    The book is amazing – every word, every picture…
    Now I moved to America, I travel a lot, I miss Russia…Many things happend to me and I’m so lost in my ambitions…I went through my live journal, and one of the posts was citation from your book…By the time I posted it I just liked those misterious words, but today those words are exactly what I feel…
    Thank you for your creation!

    • trinapaulus Says:

      Dear Medina,
      Madina, I am so delighted with your comment. No, make that THRILLED. It is the first time I heard from anyone about the Russian edition other than the publisher. I am sure she too will be happy with your appreciation. I certainly am moved by what you wrote and your long search. I will send this on to Shashi at, Gayatri. It was so wonderful to work with her during the making of the Russian translation.
      Where do you live in the U.S? I am in New Jersey but am going soon to be with my mom again in Cleveland. She just turned 100 and is very frail.

      You can reach me privately on inhopealways@gmail.com. I am just learning about all these social networks and blogging.

      As far as I know, my website is the only place you can buy Hope in Russian in this country. If you know of any other place please let me know. Also, how long ago did you see the subway ad before you found the book? It seems very curious that something is advertised and not easy to find. Tell me more about yourself, either here or privately as you wish. {But shared here can possibly inspire or help others and sharing is what we need to do to make this world all it can be, with lots of hope for flowers and all being.) Have a great and happy year. This country is a mixture, there are beautiful people here. May you find them and be able to share your soul in harmony and ‘peace’. ‘Mir’ is what we want isn’t it? My one Russian word!

  3. ivoryhut Says:

    What a wonderful treat to find you online! Hope For The Flowers has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a young girl growing up in the Philippines. I’ve since given it as a gift to many friends with young children, and every single one has been profoundly touched by it—including the family of a wonderful ferry man who I believe lives near you, and who got word to me that he met you.

    I am glad he was able to express to you personally just how much his family has enjoyed your book, and I want to take this opportunity as well to let you know that, even after more than 20 years and countless books read, yours still resonates deeply within me.

  4. precious :) Says:

    Hi! 🙂 I just want to let you know that i so love your story! I just read it a few days ago and now i cant keep myself from talking about it with my friends. I so hope to see this in a movie! 🙂

  5. Cyrus Luardo Says:

    I’m Cyrus from the Philippines. Can I ask a permission Ma’am Trina Paulus. I’m doing my thesis book about your authorized book “Hope for the Flowers”. Can I used it as my topic for my Thesis? i chose your book because it inspires me a lot. it has so many moral lessons and makes me apply it to our real world. it was my term paper back then when i was in high school, and now I’m a graduating college student and i want to proposed your book for my thesis. I’ll bring hope to my fellow generations! ^^

  6. Cyrus Says:

    can i have an interview with you madam trina paulus?

    • Cyrus Says:

      hi madam trina. ^^ i love the book so much! ^^

      • Una Says:

        Thank you, Cyrus! Sorry that Trina did not see your comments for some reason earlier. She’s not a frequent blogger here. Best to contact her via the Hope for the flowers website email (inhopealways (at) gmail.com or facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Hope4theFlowers
        Thank you,
        Una (on behalf of Trina)
        ps – we’d love to know if you went ahead with it how your thesis worked out? Hope you and your family are okay. The people of the Philippines remain in our prayers.

  7. Arlene Weissman Says:

    Hello Trina,

    I met you sometime in the 70’s on a women’s retreat. We sat on a log and talked about “Hope for the Flowers.” I have an autographed copy and cherish it. In January I will be reading it to my small Universalist Unitarian group in Northern California. We will discuss it in connection with Martin Luther King. Thank you for “Hope” we sure do need lots of it.

    • Una Says:

      Dear Arlene,
      Thanks for writing. Sorry for the delayed response. Trina is not a frequent blogger and I am not sure how these comments went unnoticed for so long. Best to contact her via the Hope for the flowers website email (inhopealways (at) gmail.com or facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Hope4theFlowers
      In hope,
      Una (on behalf of Trina)

  8. Ruby Says:

    I love your book! It is very cute! The pictures are very nice. What year did you write your book? You should write a sequel

    • Una Says:

      Thank you Ruby! Trina wrote it just before it was published in 1972. Thanks for the suggestion ~ yes Trina is currently working on the sequel!
      In hope,
      Una (on behalf of Trina)

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